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Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Co-Host: Tony Perkins, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, AlwaysOn
Eric Pulier, Founder, SOA Software
Babur Ozden, CEO, ZipClip
A Thousand Little Googles – Bridging the Eyeball Gap
What can we learn from some of the hottest ad networks who are successfully monetizing video and mobile and search? These CEOs will share what they know.
Moderator: Ted Wang, Partner, Fenwick & West
Jeff Hirsch, President and CEO, Revenue Science
David Kidder, CEO, Clickable
Jason Glickman, CEO, Tremor Media
Jayant Kadambi, CEO, YuMe
Amiad Solomon, CEO, Peer39
The Doctor is In: An Hour of Free Advice from Frank Quattrone
Frank Quattrone, one of the world's preeminent advisors, will offer his advice to four of the hottest companies we could find.
Moderator: Frank Quattrone, Co-Founder, Qatalyst
Teemu Huuhtanen, EVP, Sulake
Lance Tokuda, CEO, RockYou
Phillip Alvelda, CEO, MobiTV
The Geek Chiefs -- Setting the Technology Roadmap
Five big-brand CIOs will share their technology visions; where they're investing their IT dollars in support of employees, customers, partners, and the marketplace.
Moderator: Al Delattre, Global Partner, Accenture
Colleen Berube, Vice President, Enterprise Applications, Adobe Systems
Russ Daniels, VP & CTO Cloud Services, HP
Anna Ewing, CIO, NASDAQ
Vishal Sikka, President of SAP Labs & Corporate Officer, SAP AG
Mobilizing Your Social Network
Are social networks merely features of existing applications and services, or are they a more fundamental element of the mobile ecosystem architecture?
Moderator: Adam Zawel, Chief Collaboration Officer,
John Faith, GM & VP for Mobile, MySpace
Mauro del Rio, Chairman, Buongiorno
Babur Ozden, CEO, ZipClip
Kamar Shah, Head of Industry Marketing, Services & Software, Nokia
Shawn Conahan, CEO, Intercasting Corp