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Will the Next Please Stand Up?
Five of the hottest, rising stars in on-demand will explore their successes and why the SaaS model is the only way to go.
Moderator: Paul Kwan, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
Lyle Fong, CEO, Lithium
Lisa Lambert, Managing Director, Software & Solutions Group, Intel Capital
Steve Papermaster, CEO, nGenera
Tien Tzuo, CEO, Zuora
Maynard Webb, CEO, LiveOps

The Two-Year Outlook for Tech M&A and IPO
The IPO market has been slowed by the choppy waters of the financial markets, but what do top investment bankers see for the longer term prospects for IPO and M&A?
Moderator: Victor Boyajian, National Chair, Technology, Sonnenschein
Lise Buyer, Principal, Class V Group
Paul Deninger, Vice Chairman, Jefferies & Co
Drew Guevara, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
Jamie Montgomery, CEO, Montgomery & Co

Who Will Make the Most Money from Location-Based Services?
Is the era of mobile location-based services here, really? Haven’t we been talking about it for years? And if it is close, who will really win—and control—in the space, and who will not?
Moderator: Rajeev Chand, Managing Director, Rutberg & Co.
Sumit Agarwal, Senior Product Manager, Mobile, Google
Mark Collins, VP Consumer Data, AT&T Wireless
Cormac Conroy, VP of Engineering, QCT Modem Technology, QUALCOMM
Bob Iannucci, CTO, Nokia

Peter-Frans Pauwels, CTO, TomTom

The No-Asshole Rule
Building a civilized workplace, and surviving one that isn't.
Bob Sutton, Professor, Mngmt, Science & Engineering,
Stanford University