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On Thursday evening, November 6, more than 800 clean tech enthusiasts gathered at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco to hear about the newest clean technologies to be named "Winner" by Clean Tech Open, the "Academy Awards of Clean Tech," according to Channel 2 News.

Clean Tech Open is extremely pleased to announce the winners of the 2008 California Clean Tech Open!

Air, Water & Waste Prize Winner, Sponsored by Grundfos
Over the Moon Diapers

Air, Water & Waste Runner Up

Energy Efficiency Prize Winner, Sponsored by PG&D, SCE and SDG&E
Viridis Earth

Energy Efficiency Runner Up

Green Building Prize Winner, Sponsored by Argonne National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Green Building Runner Up
GroundSource Geo
Solar Red

Renewables Prize Winner, Sponsored by Google, PG&E and SCE
Focal Point Energy

Renewables Runner Up
Renewable Fuel Technologies

Smart Power Prize Winner, Sponsored by Google, PG&E and SCE
Power Assure

Smart Power Runner Up
Energy Empowered

Transportation Prize Winner, Sponsored by Google, PG&E and SCE

Transportation Runner Up
Goose Networks

Alumni Award Winner, Sponsored by CalCEF
NiLA Inc.

Alumni Runner Up

Sustainability Award Winners, Sponsored by Deloitte
GroundSource Geo
Solar Red

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